Could Emacs be rewritten in Python?

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Mon Apr 7 02:44:22 CEST 2003

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>    aahz> Bare emacs is unusable.
>I'm not sure what you're referring to.  No Emacs installation I'm aware
>of is "bare".  (I presume you're not referring to the predump "temacs"
>executable.)  I find "bare" vi pretty darn inscrutable as well.  I know
>how to 'dd', 'x', 'i', 'a' and ':wq[!]', and can navigate with the
>arrow keys.  Just enough to tweak the occasional config file.  Anything
>more substantial requires Emacs in some fashion (even if it's just X11
>copy/paste from an Emacs buffer running on another machine).  It all
>boils down to what you're productive with.  I began using Emacs more
>than 20 years ago, so at this point any editor in which typing 7-bit
>ASCII doesn't result in those characters winding up in the file I'm
>editing seems weird.

"Bare" == no .emacs

Using emacs with its default keybindings hurts my fingers.  If I were to
seriously use emacs, I'd need a hefty .emacs, which would make me unable
to be productive with it in an emergency.  As for using emacs in vi
mode, why not just stick with vi?
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