network programming problem??

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Wed Apr 30 23:02:14 CEST 2003

kkennedy wrote:
> Here are the results of running the script:
> -------------------- LINUX --------------------------
> Run 0 . 16.69

> -------------------- WIN XP -------------------------
> Run 0 . 2.69

> Does anyone have a clue why these results are soooo different.  The
> SuSE system doesn't "feel" sluggish.  My first clue was that a Linux
> user complained about my program being slow, but none of my Windows
> users complained.  My second clue was that I thought I could tell a
> pretty big difference while browsing the web on Win XP vs. SuSE.  I
> just thought it was my imagination, but I guess not!  This is quite a
> difference.

I suspect you have a problem with your DNS server configuration on the
Linux machine. What happens when you type:


at a shell prompt? It should start pinging nearly instantly.
I suspect on your system it only starts pinging after about 15 seconds.
And when you type:

ping       ('s IP number)

it will work ok, because no DNS lookup has to be done. Right?

If I'm right, try looking at your DNS server config and see what the
differences are between the Linux and the Windows machine. I suspect
that the first (primary) DNS server on your Linux machine is wrong.


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