Some newbie questions the FAQs didn't answer!

Verlee verlee at
Wed Apr 2 22:02:02 CEST 2003


> [...] But then I read that in order to run a python program, the
> machine had to have the python VM installed, and > the user had to go
> to a command line and type "python <program name>>.py".

> What I had planned to do was write Win32 GUIs, but I would guess that
> most common users don't have Python installed.  Is there some way to
> write the program in C++ and then have it bring up the GUI written in
> Python without Python being installed?  Wouldn't that require the code
> being compiled into machine code?

first of all I should confess that I´m a newbie too, so I may be
wrong... anyhow, I´ll just try to help with that tiny little knowledge
of mine ;-)

There is a tool called py2exe that converts .py-files to .exe-files
which can be executed without having the Python interpreter installed.
I figure this is what you want to have?
(I´ve been worrying a lot about this, too...)
It can be downloaded at
Haven´t had time to try it yet, though. There may also be other tools
that do the same, but this is the (only) one I have heard of.

As for the C++ thing, I don´t have any idea...


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