Off topic: What usenet news reader to use?

Tung Wai Yip tungwaiyip at
Wed Apr 23 23:17:38 CEST 2003

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 20:55:13 +0100, Dale Strickland-Clark
<dale at> wrote:

>"Wai-Yip Tung \(wtung\)" <wtung at> wrote:
>>I haven't used Usenet news for a long time. Now that I have subscribed
>>to python-list I find that email does not scale well to the high volumne
>>of discussion. Instead of deleting emails all day I think I should go
>>back to Usenet news. Is there any good Windows news reader you would
>>recommend. I'm happily using Opera as the browser. But it's
>>revolutionary news and email reader eludes me. What are you using?
>>By the way I'm also looking for a free or low cost email client. My
>>company is using Outlook but I want to find one for personal use. Thank
>>you for you suggestions.
>You don't say whether you're interested in an offline or online reader
>so here's both. In no particular order, have you tried:
>* Outlook Express
>* Free Agent
>* Mozilla
>* XNews
>* And what's wrong with the one in Opera 7.10?

I get back Free Agent, which I have used years ago. It still work
well! The comp.lang.python looks much more usable compare to emails. I
have renew appreciation of the Usenet news.

Actually Opera's new reader works OK. Its M2 email client eludes me.
It miscategorized my email and I can't figure out how to orgranize.
After a while I gave up.

Wai Yip

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