ANN: PyKDE-3.5-1 Released

Jim jbublitzNO at
Sat Apr 5 10:49:22 CEST 2003

The most recent version of PyKDE (PyKDE-3.5-1) is now
available at:

PyKDE is a set of Python bindings for the basic KDE
libraries (kdecore, kdeui, kio, kfile, kparts, khtml
and others). It allows you to build KDE applications
in Python and use KDE widgets, dialogs and other
features as well. It's also compatible with PyQt
which allows use of the Qt widget set. PyKDE and PyQt
cover nearly all features, classes and methods from
their respective widget sets.

PyKDE-3.5-1 supports any KDE version from 2.1.1 through
3.1.1, using  Qt from 2.3.0 through 3.1.1, and Python
from 1.5.2 through 2.2.2. PyKDE-3.5-1 *requires* that
you have sip 3.5 and PyQt-x11-gpl-3.5 installed. Both
are available on the riverbankcomputing site. Debian
packages and rpms will probably be forthcoming over
the next few weeks. rpm packages for previous versions
are available at:

This release is a "not quite everything I wanted to
get done" release but slightly more complete than a
development snapshot. The full release should be
available when Python 2.3 and sip 3.6 are released.

This release will *not* build with the recent sip 3.6
development snapshots without a minor fix. You can
find the fix or post questions, comments or bug reports
on the PyKDE mailing list at:

Future releases of PyKDE will be dropping support for
KDE 2.x.x, Qt 2.x.x and some older Python versions.


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