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>"Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
>> Alessio Pace wrote:
>>> Hi, I'd like to make a GUI for a program written in python, meant to run
>>> on mac, win and linux: which is the preferable solution? I saw around
>>> tkinter, wxpython and pyqt....
>> I recommend Tkinter. It comes with the standard Python installation, and
>> it works quite well atleast on Windows and X11 (I've never used it on
>> the Mac).
>> Regards,
>> Martin
>That's what I had in mind, but after reading some tutorials on Tkinter I saw
>that wxpython and pyqt have more features still remaining portable...mmm...
1.  Each of the choices has serious advantages.
    Even toolkits zealots recognize that no one
    toolkits strictly dominates any other.
2.  Each toolkit has fans.
3.  It's relatively easy to download/install/
    experience Python (or Perl or ...), and ac-
    quire your own "feel" for each language.
    The GUI toolkits are a bit heavier and 
    clumsier; it generally takes longer to gain
    a proper understanding of them.
4.  Comparisons of GUI toolkits are popular.
    Such discussions often erupt here and else-
    where.  Abundant details are available, if
    reading the words of others interests you.
5.  Tkinter is the easiest for a newcomer, in
    its installation and "first launch".  It's
    the best documented, in the sense of making
    appearances in the most in-print published

I think it's reasonable for you to start with Tkinter.

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