Problems with pso

Kyle Yancey kyle at
Wed Apr 16 01:51:07 CEST 2003

Has anyone here been sucessful in installing pso with mod_python. I'm
working on a website, and I decided on pso because of the clean
template syntax and clear seperation of interface and code.  It's the
only templating system I've seen that I really like.  Unfortunately,
it seems to have a few bugs.  I installed it on Windows XP with
mod_python 3.0.3, python 2.2.1 and apache 2.0.43.  I've noticed
several bugs. All of them are already on the buglist at sourceforge,
so I see no point in reiterating them.  My initial reaction was that
the kinks really needed to be ironed out.  I can't believe the system
is unworkable, since I've heard so many remarks to the contrary.  What
I'm fishing for is some of your own practical experience with pso.

What did you add to your conf file to get everything working?
Are there any gotchas that you could point out now?
The documentation for the individual modules seems to be broken links
right now.  Would anyone know where an offline copy is right now?

I'm not looking for you to install this for me, but any practical
advice would be appreciated.

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