Zope Sequences and Python Scripting

Evan Simpson evan at 4-am.com
Thu Apr 17 23:22:40 CEST 2003

Patrick W. Fraley wrote:
> Also after reading up a little more on Zope doc's I get the feeling that
> I should be doing this with page templates instead. Any comments,
> suggestions?

Yep - your feeling is correct, and you'll get *much* better answers to 
Zope questions on the Zope mailing lists than here on c.p.g.

Translation to ZPT:

<tal:block repeat="row here/filter_row">
    <span tal:replace="item/filter_id">Id</span><br />
    <span tal:replace="item/bez_ref">Ref</span><br />
    <span tal:replace="item/col_span">Span</span><br />
    <hr />

(assuming that 'filter_row' is a Script or something that DTML is 


Evan @ 4-am

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