Some Python Code

Sean Ross sross at
Sat Apr 26 19:16:39 CEST 2003

I've just finished a semester of university where I've been fortunate enough
to be able to use my language of choice, Python, for all of my programming
projects/assignments. I've implemented a general purpose genetic algorithm
package and a little circuit description programming language, plus a few
other AI related items of differing quality. I don't really want to do any
maintenance on these projects, so I'll not be bothering to put them up in
some place like sourceforge or pypi. However, the code may be useful to
someone else, perhaps as a starting point for their own projects, so I'd
like to make it available. For anyone who may be interested, I can be
contacted at sross at or frobozz_electric at
The code is, of course, free and open source although it has not been
licensed - except the programming language which contains a SPARK license.
OK. Thanks for your time.

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