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>>>>   aahz> So how does Capon differ from SCons?
>>>>Well, the name has funnier connotations, for one.   :)
>>>You deserve to be roasted for that comment.
>>A fate of many capons ;)
>>First they have "the" operation, then they grow up and get put on a spit
> and
>>thence over a slow fire. Life as a chicken is hell ;)
> My neighbhor, a 70+ year old former federal meat inspector (before that he
> was a Vet for the Italian Cavalry ) raises and does his own capons.
> He showed me how to do "the operation".  Quite amazing to see him slice open
> a rooster's behind and reach right in. This one was a bit large, so he had
> to "go in from behind" instead of under the wing as he usually does. Then he
> just sews them up with dental floss. No antiseptic! he says chickens don't
> get staph infections. He says when he learned how to do "the operation" he
> killed 5 of them right off. Apparently there's a nack to not cutting some
> important arteries.
> He says at a store it's hard to find real capons. Back in the 70s they used
> estrogen to make capons, but that turned out to give people cancer.  The FDA
> banned that practice, however many "unscrupulous" poultry plants continue to
> use estrogen, but they also cut the rooster to give it "the scar".. So meat
> inspectors look, think the operation has been done, but it really hasn't.
> Enjoy!
> (btw, home grown capons are yummy!)

While I can't say for sure, I don't think this is the kind of discussion the 
OP was hoping for :)


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