Why functional Python matters

Nils Goesche ngo at cartan.de
Sat Apr 19 00:33:57 CEST 2003

Thaddeus L Olczyk <olczyk at interaccess.com> writes:

> While it's true that in math and CS, many definitions evolve
> over time ( ones that come to mind right now are
> function/procedure [which were distinct, now considered the
> same thing], fiber bundles, sheaves, topological space ... ),

Actually, the resp. definitions of fiber bundles, sheaves and
topological spaces /haven't/ changed much over time.  If they
have changed at all, once they were called by that names.

> that's all just bullshit thrown out to distract people from
> *your stupidity*.

Darn, I had hoped I'd get away with it one more time.

> Thaddeus L. Olczyk, PhD

I was somewhat hoping that now, having finally obtained your
degree, which is seemingly very important to you, you'd have
become a bit more relaxed.  I was wrong.

Nils Gösche
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