Problem in scalling............

Anton Vredegoor anton at
Wed Apr 30 11:54:21 CEST 2003

Chad Netzer <cnetzer at> wrote:

>Lots of people, inclusing myself, have learned that the Tk Canvas sucks
>for doing things like you want to (anything requiring lots of scaling,
>rotating, etc.).  In particular, the kinds of transformations you can do
>to objects is limited, and those the canvas almost non-existant
>(translations only).

It's possible to define a virtual world and to use the Tk Canvas as a
viewport on that world. There are certain advantages in creating ones
own transformations but I don't think transparency is one of them.
However if interested in my explorations, here's a noddy (learn a new
term everyday ;-) file at:

and here's a bigger project that is using the same principle
(a viewer for sgf-files for the game of go, sgf is a format for
storing game records):

I agree with Chad that if you want to conform to a standard -which is
good if someone else is going to use your code- it might be better to
try something else. Tk is in the standard distribution however, which
is good if you're aiming for end users to use your script.


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