[ANNOUNCE] PyKota v1.05 is out

Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com
Wed Apr 30 22:47:56 CEST 2003


I'm please to announce PyKota v1.05

PyKota is a python-written, internationalized, complete, centralized and
extensible print quota solution for CUPS (http://www.cups.org) and now LPRng

PyKota is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL from :


Changes from version 1.03 are VERY important :

  - LPRng is now supported too ! This makes PyKota the first
    free print quota and accounting solution to support both
    CUPS and LPRng.

  - External accounting methods are now available !
    This means that people who can't use SNMP or AppleTalk,
    or prefer to do accounting prior to each job being sent
    to the printer, instead of always being one job late,
    can now use WHATEVER COMMAND THEY SEE FIT to count pages
    in print jobs.

  - A PyKota-vs-PrintBill web page was set up, for people who wants
    a quick and fair overview of the two products. This was checked
    by PrintBill's author so it is believed to be honest.

  - Pluggable accounting methods for people who want to contribute
    internal accounting methods to the project. A 'stupid' example
    is included.

  - Several tries are done during one minute when direct printer querying
    is used, this lets the time to warm up for some printers which don't
    answer immediately when idle.

  - Default print policy is now DENY instead of ALLOW for users unknown to
    the Print Quota system.

  - The usual bug fixes.

You can see the main features, view a screenshot of a print quota
report, give a look at the recent changes, download the CVS version,
or purchase an official package from :


You can see a sample report at :


Please send bug reports, flames, comments to alet at librelogiciel.com

Thanks for reading

Jerome Alet

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