How many of you are Extreme Programmers?

Christopher Blunck blunck at
Wed Apr 16 18:04:33 CEST 2003

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 08:48:58AM -0700, Michael Chermside wrote:
> Christopher writes:
> > So how many of you guys use XP processes?
> Well, I'm not sure if I qualify or not. I really LIKE most of the points
> that XP makes, but I find many of its proponants overly exuberant. I
> think exhaustive, automated tests are a wonderful idea. I believe in
> refactoring. I think pair programming works very well most of the time.
> I think super-short release cycles (with code that grows feature-by-
> feature) is a great idea. I think having a customer on-site is extremely
> helpful.

It's quite funny, but if you sit an XP and RUP guy down at the same table
you'll find that they agree with most principals.  They'll disagree on some
things (like design), but I've never seen them disagree on iterative 
development, frequent testing, frequent integration, etc.  They may disagree
on the frequency of "frequent testing" (XP favoring daily testing), or on
the implementation details of iterative development.  But for the most part,
I've found would-be opposites to share very similar views.

> But none of that really matters, because I don't get to set the policy
> where I work. We don't do unit tests (except for the ones that _I_ write)
> because "they would take too long". We deliver functionality in a single
> big release. We don't do pair programming except for very brief periods.
> Perhaps someday I can change those things, but for now, I don't get to
> practice much of this, except in my at-home-on-my-own-time projects
> (basically non-existant since my son was born 4 months ago).

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