Pythonic way of web-programming

Graham Fawcett graham__fawcett at
Sun Apr 6 19:44:54 CEST 2003

Neil Schemenauer <nas-usenet at> wrote in message news:<%5Oja.10776$7w2.9784 at>...
> Ian Bicking <ianb at> wrote:
> > The next step I can envision would be for Twisted to become the
> > canonical infrastructure, where higher-level web frameworks are all
> > built ontop of it.
> That's not feasible.  Some applications would require extensive
> modification to work on top of an event driven framework.
>   Neil

Neil, I may just be suffering from
daylight-savings-adjustment-syndrome, but what kinds of applications?
We are talking only about Web application frameworks, which are
request handlers and are therefore event-driven by definition.

Unless, as JP sugested, you're suggesting bad design, like an
application that is too tightly bound to a specific networking

I'm not a Twisted fanatic, just trying to understand.

-- Graham

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