Overloadable Assignment PEP

Niki Spahiev spahievi at vega.bg
Fri Apr 4 21:20:04 CEST 2003

4/4/2003, 6:17:19, Drew Moore wrote:

DM> # modify the voltages, in a very simple, readable syntax.
DM> vdduc = -3.8 # try a reduced supply
DM> vreset = -3.2 # and increased reset drive...
DM> vbias = 2.3 # and decreas the bias a little..

DM> # do some more stuff with new voltages, etc etc...

vdduc [:]= -3.8 is valid Python and can be made to work now. Maybe new
augmented assignment a := b to mean a[:] = b.

Niki Spahiev

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