Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Wed Apr 30 18:37:18 CEST 2003


Here we had debate with a lot of buzzwords, such as XML, Java, SOAP to all 
about JMS and Message Queues. 

Now, is here some already done stuff in Python? Well, I would not like to see 
java-bloatware and would like to deal with a Python. 

What do I need exactly? I need to receive a messages (it is what JMS all 
about) and queue it somewhere, then convert/parse and put to the Oracle 
database or vice versa: Oracle queues messages (like a buffering) and other 
stuff fetches it.

Does anybody know anything about what MQ/JMS is and how to fit it with a 
Python? I found this one: but it 
is for IBM MQ Series. It will be better to find something to deal with like 
SonicMQ or so... 

Any ideas or wishes are appreciated! ;-) Thank you.

Regards, Bogdan

"Besides, I think [Slackware] sounds better than 'Microsoft,' don't you?"
(By Patrick Volkerding)

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