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Thu Apr 17 11:30:49 CEST 2003

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> Linux, so can u suggest me the best editor(i mean use friendly 
> and graphical,i dont want command line editor)for python?

SciTE ( remains my favourite. Reasons:

- syntax highlighting for Python and ~20 other languages
- copes well with Python's special requirements w.r.t. indentation,
  spaces & tabs
- powerful search and replace (string or regex-based, as the situation
  necessitates), even find-in-files is there
- bookmarks
- syntax-based folding (if you have three class of function defs A,B,C
  and want to see A side-by-side to C, just reduce B to a single line 
  with a mouse click)
- call tips (limited but useful)
- good GUI but everything is available via keystrokes as well
- basic Windows-style keyboard bindings (C-c=copy etc.)
- execution from within editor, output visible in special console 
  subwindow, mouseclick on exception brings you to source location
  (actually SciTE offers two actions "build" and "execute" for 
  compiled languages, I bound "build" to pychecker in the config file)
- easily configurable via X11 style config file
- available for both Linux and Windows

These features in my view make SciTE more than just an editor;
it can reasonably be called a basic free, cross-platform,
multi-language mini-IDE. Something to always have on your memory stick
(it's small, too).

- Thilo

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