Determining Unicode encoding.

Sean sean at
Wed Apr 30 17:07:15 CEST 2003

Thanks for the amazingly helpful responses everyone.  Perhaps a more
detailed explanation of what I'm doing might be in order.  My program
is reading data from a commercial customer database through their API
(that I don't have access to).  Most of the data I get back are python
string objects, but I'll occasionally come across a Unicode object.  I
need to write this data out to text (.csv format) so that it can later
be read back in and reinserted into the database.  In order to write
to disk, I need to encode the Unicode object using some kind of
encoding.  What I am worried about is when I write to the file,
someone's accented 'e' or random non-Latin character will get changed
into something else to fit the standard character set.  Making the
problem worse is that the company that makes the database software I'm
accessing has spotty language support at best, and even worse
technical support.

>From what I'm hearing here, it sounds like I can just use UTF-8 and
not have to worry about it.

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