Downloading TV listings with urllib

Gerhard Häring gh at
Thu Apr 17 21:48:04 CEST 2003

Josh wrote:
> On 17 Apr 2003, you wrote in comp.lang.python:
>>Josh wrote: [...]
>>>        h.putheader('Accept-Encoding:',
>>>        'gzip,deflate,compress;q=0.9') [...]
>>>when I use to read the object returned I get everything in
>>My guess is that you get what you're asking for - gzip-compressed
>  Well I don't want gzipped data. I want HTML so I can parse it and capture 
> the listings table into a list or something. Any ideas?

Don't tell the webserver that you'll accept gzip-compressed data?

I. e. remove the line I quoted above.

-- Gerhard

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