GUI testing with python (SendKeys)

pj pjdurai at
Tue Apr 29 00:59:59 CEST 2003

I took a look at a girder.
It seemed far excessive for my requirements.
Frankly I havnt understood what its all about yet.

Just the sendkeys offered by Windows Scripting object isnt enough either. I
need some mouse manipulation too. So I thought perls Win32::GuiTest was a
good starting point.

Is there another easier to read description of girder somewhere on the net ?


"Christopher Saunter" <christopher.saunter at> wrote in message
news:b8ecgs$47i$1 at
> Hi,
>   You might want to check out Girder -
> It offers more robust and flexible ways of remote controlling Win32 GUI
> stuff than sendkeys.  There is a very noddy Python client for talking to
> Girder at
> cds
> pj (pjdurai at wrote:
> : Greetings
> : Is there a python module similar to Perl's Win32::GuiTest?
> : Basically something that would implement SendKeys and friends on Win32 ?
> : Before I went ahead and rolled my own, I just wanted to check.
> : Web searches didnt turn up anything useful.
> : cheers
> : pj

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