Making python module using Borland C++ 5

Rami Saarinen rs55862 at
Wed Apr 9 13:17:58 CEST 2003

>>> Please have a look at:
>> I finally managed to build the module using bcpp. Thank you Anton and 
>> Anders. It was all about including the EXPORT initpyclips=_initpyclips 
>> in a def file (see the link above).
> Why don't you just use disutils? It will work without any further setup, 
> then. All you need to read is the part of the Python documentation about 
> using non-MS compilers on Windows.

(I am involved in a research project and currently just trying to find 
out what can and cannot be done.)

The main reson is that I am going to use the module (if possible) within 
a custom python system (see for more, if interested) that 
probably does not include distutils. I will have a look later on, but 
currently I was able to compile and link the module using Borland C++ 
builder 5 so that it does work on normal Python installation. However 
there seems to be some other things to consider when using the custom 

I may later try to find out if there is distutils on the custom system, 
altough I am pretty sure that it does not include python in any other 
way than embedded in the rest of the system. Currently the problem lies 

I have nothing against Distutils, I'd be glad to use it if possible. :)

Rami Saarinen

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