Installer Problem WinNT to Win 98

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Apr 30 00:55:47 CEST 2003

achrist at wrote:

> JanC wrote:
>>achrist at schreef:
>>Did you use the Unicode version of wxPython?  
> Thanks, but no.  I've got wxPythonWIN32-, not
> wxPythonWIN32-  
> I've just spent some time looking inside the various pyd files that
> the McMillan installer did package with my app to see what else I might
> need.  I found:
> In almost all of them:  MSVCRT.DLL.  Is there any way that a pure
> vanilla Win 98 machine (very little installed software, nostly used
> to run what came with the computer) might be missing this file?  Is it
> legit for me to redistribute it with a python app (I do have an MSVC
> license)?  

If I understand things, that is possible (but unlikely)

> Also:
> 	ADVAPI32.dll
> 	Shell32.DLL
> 	Kernel32.DLL
> 	User32.DLL

That is impossible.

You really need a way to see the exception.  This could be as simple as 
hacking your app to open a file and set sys.stderr and sys.stdout to it. 
  Rebuild the package, and try again on the same machine, this time 
looking at the file.

Or simply install Python on that machine and run from source code, just 
to determine the error.


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