ANN: elmer 1.0.2 - run Python from C or Tcl

Rick L. Ratzel rick.ratzel at
Fri Apr 11 00:35:33 CEST 2003

I've released elmer 1.0.2 to SourceForge:

   * Elmer allows Python code to run from C, as if it was written in C.
   * Elmer allows Python code to run from Tcl, as if it was written in Tcl.

   Elmer is not a Python-to-C or Python-to-Tcl translator. Instead, elmer
generates "glue" code that embeds an interpreter for one type of language into
an extension for another.  Elmer allows function calls and various data types,
both native and custom, to pass transparently between two the
current version, those languages are Python and either Tcl or C.

   Elmer is still considered ALPHA, and the online help and examples still need
alot of work (the "test" directory in the distribution is probably a better
place for examples at this point).  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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