Stackless 3.0 alpha 1 at blinding speed

Courageous jkraska at
Sat Apr 19 17:49:21 CEST 2003

>No, he was not. He believes continuations are an insane feature,

Continuations are a _Cool_ feature, Christian. But try not to worry
about the rejection. If you pause and think for a while, really
think, they actually don't fit well with Python's mandate of being
a "simple, approachable language for everyone."

I'm recalling an email message you and I exchanged where you
expressed surprise and a little bit of incredulity that I
grokked what you did. Probably Python's not the language for a
construct where the author expresses surprise that seasoned
programming veterans "get" his work, you know?

So while I am guessing, I suspect the teams final decision
probably came down to deciding that continuations were too
complex and rarified a programming instrument to justify core
changes to the python interpreter and libraries.


ps, I am quite disappointed that you're not supporting any kind
of continuation in future versions of stackless.

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