methods and vars in zope objects

Lee Harr missive at
Wed Apr 23 01:10:07 CEST 2003

In article <c42e062e.0304211805.4ced1175 at>, Erik Lechak wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have been beating my head against zope for a few days now.  I am
> writing python scripts, and I can't seem to find what methods and
> member variables go along with the various zope objects.  I would like
> to be able to use dir(obj), obj.__class__ or type(obj) like I do when
> I am using python everywhere else.  But It won't let me.  The
> documentation is lengthy; I read throught it, and I must have missed
> it.    I am looking at the code now ... but it's just raising my blood
> pressure.
> Is there a simple script, document, manual, or button that will list
> the methods and member vars available to a certain object?  Something
> like dir().
> Thanks,
> Erik Lechak

Dieter Maurer has this really cool thing called doc finder.
That may do what you need.

Also, you should find a way to read and ask questions at the 
zope at list. I follow it on gmane.

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