OT: Python application deployment?

Davor Cengija dcengija_remove_ at inet.hr
Sat Apr 12 21:44:26 CEST 2003

Nomad wrote:

> On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 13:26:32 +0200, Davor Cengija
> <dcengija_remove_ at inet.hr> wrote:
>>Now it looks 'respectable' and 'worth of
>>trying but not for serious work since it doesn't have setup.exe with EULA
>>and other things -- so it isn't a real program'. Now I'm looking for a
>>free install-shield like software.
> Have a look at "Inno Setup" from "http://www.innosetup.com".  Very
> nice, and looks like an install-shield/wise install to the passing
> eye.

Inno Setup is excellent, thanks! It even provides the Uninstall feature. I 
finally became The Real Programmer!

>>So, it isn't the quality of a software what only counts. Actually, I'm not
>>sure that the quality is the most important thing these days.
> Of course not -- it's got to be bloated, but pretty...

Python+wxWindows combination looks pretty. It would help (in such a 
situation) to have the dropdown menus with shadows etc (a la Windows XP), 
but then I'd be required to sell my software. I mean, you cannot have a 
good program (read: pretty looking program) which is distributed for free. 
"Something fishy is going on. Don't install it, it's a virus!"


Davor Cengija, dcengija_remove_ at inet.hr

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