Pythonic way of web-programming

Dylan Reinhardt python at
Fri Apr 4 19:24:39 CEST 2003

On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 09:04, Giorgi wrote:

> - Is Python a real web-programming language at all? I mean, has
> somebody ever used it for real, commercial tasks? 

Yes and yes.

> - Is there a need to design a genuine python framework for
> web-programming? 

Zope is a highly Pythonic framework for building web-facing
applications.  It's been quite good for at least a couple years now...
good enough for enterprise-level systems, good enough for e-commerce.

It's not trivial to learn, but it's well worth it if you need something
more robust than CGI-style web programming tools.  

> Or, maybe, ZOPE is the genuine pythonic way? 

Perhaps... it is highly object-oriented and readily extensible with
Python.  Zope is hardly the only way, but it is worth a good look.

Some docs:



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