PyOpenGL glClearColor() trouble

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Sun Apr 20 04:43:08 CEST 2003

This is a "feature" of the Tk widget defined in .  
Basically, the tkinter widget is giving you a "simplified" environment 
for your OpenGL code, so it does silly things like setting a background 
color based on attributes of the Tk widget.  These attributes are:

        self.r_back = 1.
        self.g_back = 0.
        self.b_back = 1.

You can set those directly, call self.ogl.set_background( r,g,b ), or 
override the ogl widget's tkRedraw method at your preference (or use a 
real GUI library ;) ).  However, save for the last option, you won't 
actually avoid the glClearColor call.  (I'm rather surprised if you 
care, it's very seldom that such a call winds up having a significant 
overhead in an application).

Enjoy yourself,

TheDustbustr wrote:

>from OpenGL.GL import *
>import OpenGL.Tk as Tk

>The way the script is set up right now (second glClearColor commented), glClear
>clears the screen to the default ClearColor (1,0,1,0 aka pink).  I can only
>make the ClearColor black (0,0,0,0) when I call glClearColor in the ogl.redraw
>function... This is inconvienent and I shouldn't need to be called every frame.
  Mike C. Fletcher
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