dual porting PyQt widget contents and/or python variables into a xml dom tree?

Mike Hoegeman mh at habanerotech.net
Tue Apr 1 11:33:47 CEST 2003

i've got an application where i have lot of various PyQt widgets that
i would like to "dual port" into a xml dom tree node that i define at widget creation time.

In other words, 
	- whenever a widget changes value i'd like a node in the dom tree to 
        get updated with the new value of the widget (whatever that may be).

	-  similarly, i'd like the widget to be updated
        anytime some part of the program alters the widgets 
        associated dom node.

i could sublass every PyQt widget in the universe and put the dual porting code
where needed. I would guess this involves setting up one or more reciprocal signal/slot connections between the widget and some kind of xml dom object.  
This approach seems a bit heavy handed though..

Has Anybody else out there had the same need but found a simpler, way to accomplish this feat?

Doing something this is pretty easy in tcl/tk with variable
traces etc.. Is there something comparable to variable traces in python?

Mike Hoegeman	Habanero Technologies, LLC

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