red hat 8.0 and python

Dave Reed dreed at
Sun Apr 20 06:05:43 CEST 2003

On Saturday 19 April 2003 23:25, Peter wrote:
> I've just installed Red hat 8.0, and although python 2.2.1 comes with 
> it, i cannot use anything which uses the Tkinter library (this 
> IDLE). I a few other packages work, and the interpreter runs fine. I 
> suppose that this might be due to the setup, but I cannot figure it 
>   Could it be that Tkinter module does not come with the python 
> distribution which came with Red Hat 8.0? I read that it should, but I 
> searched my whole computer for anything with “tk” in the name with no 

It's on one of the CDs - install the tkinter-2.2.1-17 rpm file.

> I downloaded the rpm's for the python 2.2.2 (from but 
> simple "rpm -i" or "rpm -U" installing gives me errors; conflicts with 
> the currently installed version. I am not quite sure whether I should 
> try uninstalling what is there now because I've read that the a few 
> programs need it to run.
> Any suggestions? Also if anyone knows of a webpage listing the 
> step-by-step instructions on how to install/uninstall/upgrade the 
> distribution, please reply. I have read the info provided on 
>, but it is not detailed enough for me.

If you just want Tkinter, install the above mentioned RPM rather than
going to the trouble of upgrading.


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