Mail and text extraction

Dino Levy dino_levy at
Mon Apr 21 13:28:17 CEST 2003

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003 03:47:26 +0200, Peter Hansen wrote:

> Why not download the whole message, then scan it after downloading? You
> provide no good reason, so far, for why you wouldn't just do this much
> simpler step.  Keep the design simple, modular, clean, and you can do
> most of what you want with simple, modular, existing solutions in
> standard modules.  Why wouldn't you do that?
> -Peter

Well yes, that's antoher way of doing it, but I wanted to make it done in
one breath, like connecting and immediately parsing the text, but it's
obviously not achievable:)
I don't want MIME, I really need POP3 connections...
Ok, thanks anyway

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