Why functional Python matters

laotseu bdesth at removethis.free.fr
Wed Apr 16 01:50:31 CEST 2003

Dave Benjamin wrote:
> It has been my increasing concern that Python is headed in a decidedly
> object-oriented direction, ignoring the benefits it currently offers to
> functional programmers. 

(snip a long and interesting post)


Even for OO programmers, functionnal features in Python are IMHO a great 
plus, and BTW functionnal and OO paradigm does not have to conflict 
(that would be functionnal vs imperative and object vs procedural). CLOS 
is one of the great system objects out here, and it's been implemented 
on top of a functionnal language, so...

In fact, I'd rather regret that Python is not more functional *and* 
object oriented !-)

Guido, if you hear us... !-)

My 2 eurocents

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