HTTP application streams a response to the client gradually - how deal with it?

Changjune Kim juneaftn at
Wed Apr 30 17:26:16 CEST 2003

"Harald Massa" <cpl.19.ghum at> wrote in message
news:Xns936CB5697A6D4cpl19ghumspamgourmet at
> Hello,
> I want to connect to an HTTP application, that streams its response to
> client gradually.
> (it is a "web chat")
> From reading documentes and google, I learned that urllib will not fit.
> Also httplib --- I only see methods that provide me with whole HTTP-
> responses.
> Is there any way to deal with "streamed http" without going to socket-
> programming?
> Tnx,
> Harald

I don't know if this is want you are looking for or not. But anyway I hope
this can be helpful to anyone who wants to build a "web chat".

Usually, that kind of client-server intercommunication with browsers is
done via java applet. You can hide it as a 1 pixel somewhere around the
corner of the screen. The applet does the communication with the server,
and the javascript does the presentation using Live Connection.

This is one of the best ways of making a  "web chat", AFAIK.


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