a problem about running php on twisted 1.0.4 under window?

Andrew Bennetts andrew-pythonlist at puzzling.org
Sun Apr 27 06:47:40 CEST 2003

On Sat, Apr 26, 2003 at 09:18:51PM -0700, xlp223 wrote:
> my system is 
> window me
> python 2.2.2
> twisted 1.0.4
> php 4.3.1
> mysql
> phpbb 2.0.4
> i want to run phpbb on twisted 1.0.4 under window,

It's usually a better idea to post Twisted questions to
twisted-python at twistedmatrix.com, not all of the Twisted developers read

That said, I'll try answering your question anyway :)

> when i installed above software on window xp home edition,it was successful.
> but when i installed above software on window me,it failed.

Are you installing exactly the same versions of things on both systems?
We've had some problems with people trying to use the CLI executable of PHP 4.3
instead of the CGI executable.  (Or something like that; I'm not a PHP

> Step of my doing is 
> 1)create dir c:\pydoc and copy c:\python22\doc to c:\pydoc 
>   create c:\pydoc\phpbb2 and copy phpbb2 to it
> 2)edit hello.rpy in c:\python22\scripts and save it in this dir
> from twisted.web import static, twcgi
> class PHPScript(twcgi.FilteredScript):
>     filter = 'C:\\PHP\\php'
> resource = static.File("c:\\pydoc")
> resource.processors[".php"] = PHPScript
> resource.indexNames = ['index.html','index.php']
> 3)run the command:
>   python mktap.py web -p 80 --resource-script=hello.rpy -i index.html,index.php
> 4)run the command:
>   python twistd.py -f web.tap -r win32
> After the fourth step ran,i entered into the ie browser and input
> http://localhost/   it is ok to show the html.
> but while i input http://localhost/phpbb2 ,
> it show 500 error. 

What does the logfile (twistd.log, judging from your commands) say?  It
should record the tracebacks from HTTP 500 errors in there.


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