Python 2.3b1 and _tkinter.Tcl_Obj

Stephen D Evans sde at
Wed Apr 30 22:50:16 CEST 2003

"Martin v. Löwis" <martin at> writes:

> - set Tkinter.wantobjects to False before creating the first
>   tkapp object. This will give you the Python 2.2 behaviour.
> - convert Tcl_Obj objects to strings using str()
> - convert Tcl_Obj objects to Unicode using unicode()
> - convert Tcl_Obj objects using
>   ASCII-if-possible-otherwise-Unicode-if-possible-otherwise-bytes
>   algorithm of Python 2.2 using Tcl_Obj.string
> If you feel you need to take one of these approaches, please let us
> know, so we can see whether backwards compatibility needs to be
> improved.

My application runs Ok with Tkinter.wantobjects=False

I shall convert the front-end to wxPython with its bigger,
better looking (on windows) widget selection.

Tkinter/Pmw does the job, but  the world has moved on since Python 1.5.2

Stephen D Evans

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