Tkinter - tkFileDialog - need help

Eric Brunel eric.brunel at
Fri Apr 25 09:41:33 CEST 2003

Klaus Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> my script uses a directory-select box.
> But it's not possible to find an select a directory that has attribut 
> "hidden" inside the dialog-box (askdirectory).
> It's possible to make "hidden" directory viewable? How? Thanks!
> Win2000:
> import tkFileDialog
> tkFileDialog.askdirectory(initialdir="C:/", title="Test")

Tk uses the regular "open file" dialog from Windows , so the only known way (at 
least to me) is to configure Windows to display the hidden files. This is 
somewhere in the folder options, can't remember exactly where (I don't have a 
Windows box at hand for now...).

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