How about Python + Mozilla for large apps?

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro.bottoni at
Wed Apr 9 00:05:19 CEST 2003

Is there any project aimed to embed the Python interpreter inside 
Mozilla OR to make available the XUL/XBL GUI engine of Mozilla to the Python 
interpreter OR to create a full-capability bridge between Mozilla and Python 
(maybe via XPCOM)?

I'm thinking that coupling the sophisticated UI features of Mozilla (XUL+XBL) 
to a powerful interpreter like Python (or Java, Ruby, etc...) would allow the 
development of full-blown, well-engineered, cross-platform applications: 
unlimited access to a lot of different RDBMS, unlimited access to the hosting 
platform (Windows, MacOS, and Linux/Unix) and all of its services, unlimited 
access to a lot of different plug-ins (PyNum, PyGame, py*) and so on.

It seems that this idea was somehow already presented by Ian Oescher in this 
But I'm unable to find any more information on this topic.

Thanks for your attention.

BTW: As long as I can understand PyXPCOM is not what I'm looking for. It is a 
way to create XPCOM components in Python and use them in Mozilla. Instead, 
I'm looking for a (simple) way to have access to the _whole_ Python 
interpreter from within a Mozilla javascript OR to have access to the whole 
XUL/XBL technology of Mozilla from within a Python script (like it was 
WxPython). Probably I'm wrong, given that ActiveState created Komodo with 
PyXPCOM, but... I have this feeling.

The nsIProcess or nsILocalFile interfaces of Mozilla could probably do this 
job by invoking the interpreter but how about setting/getting parameters, 
communicating with the running interpreter and using a single copy of the 
interpreter for many different task? I'm rather thinking to something like 
mod_python for Apache.
Alessandro Bottoni

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