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Wed Apr 23 06:53:09 CEST 2003

Andrew Bennetts wrote:

> Yep, I'm aware of this (but I don't mind you pointing it out, because
> it
> might not be obvious to some).

Good, it was taken in the manner intended.

> I believe gcc can also be used on proprietary unix systems where the
> standard libc is *not* glibc, but the vendor's own implementation. 
> For that
> matter, don't the various BSD flavours have their own, BSD-licenced,
> libc?

I don't know, probably.  (I don't fiddle with BSD guts much.)  You can
run gcc -v to build simple programs and see what default linking steps
it takes.  Those can really be changed to do whatever you like.  By
default, though, they will be implicitly linking against LGPL stuff, but
strictly speaking they need not; they're separate processes, but by
default gcc does does the ugly stuff for you.

> Again, my point is that gcc isn't relevant to the licence of C code
> compiled
> with it; it's just a compiler, and compiled code isn't a derived work
> of the
> compiler, or whatever the magic legalese in the GPL is.  The libraries
> compiled into or linked with your code are a seperate matter, and can
> have
> licences relevant to your code.

Indeed.  As another example, emacs is GPL'd software, but any text file
that I create with it is most certainly not affected by that license. 
As for a particular example on my side of the fence, my templating
system EmPy is released under GPL, but obviously any material you
process with it will be unaffected by that license.  It would only be if
you incorporated EmPy has a module in a larger application that GPL's
licensing requirements would apply.

Even Microsoft EULAs fully acknowledge this sort of thing; Microsoft
Word would be a good example.  Even beasts such as Microsoft Comic Chat
can be used to create monstrosities such as [HORRIBLE WEB COMIC
REFERENCE EXPURGATED], and Microsoft can't do anything about it, as much
as they'd invariably prefer to distance themselves from such creations.

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