Vim Newbie – Python Edit/Compile/Run cycle and integrating py help questions

Hans Nowak zephyr01 at
Fri Apr 25 05:43:08 CEST 2003

Gerhard Haering wrote:

> a) - "Scripts" and "Tips" - you'll also find 
> Python-related stuff there.
> b) The vim mailing list (also available via the newsserver).
>>  I'm really enjoying the power of Vim!!
> I like vim a lot, too :-)

A not entirely unrelated followup...  (I searched the vim site in vain, and 
before I ask on the vim mailing list or elsewhere, I figured I'd try 
first, since I'm more comfortable here. :)

I have been trying to edit Python source code with vim on Mac OS X.  Most of 
the settings in my .vimrc file (copied from Windows) work just fine, except for 
one.  I use Tab to indent and Shift-Tab to dedent (a line, not a block).  Tab 
behaves as usual, but Shift-Tab doesn't seem to work; it just behaves like I 
pressed Tab.

The line I use in my Windows _vimrc to achieve this looks like this:

   imap <S-Tab> ^D

As said, this doesn't work in the vim for Mac OS X.  Using Ctrl-V to get a 
representation of the key doesn't work at all (you know, you press Ctrl-V and 
then F1 or something and you get '<F1>' back).  Typing <S-Tab> verbatim doesn't 
work either.  I also used other variants of *map, to no avail.

Anybody knows how to solve this?  I am using the vim for Jaguar that can be 
found here:


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