Datagrid-Widget for Python?

Rainer Klueting rainer.klueting at
Thu Apr 10 17:40:45 CEST 2003

Hi Tim and all of you helpful people,

I will have another look on tkTable. I got an information by Bob Terek
by mail --I don't find this message here --about a Python-wrapper for
the latest version of tkTable. According to Bob it can be found at (I have not yet checked it.)

My search has come to an interesting result: I found a book from
German author Michael Lauer of university of Frankfurt, Germany,
called "Python und GUI-Toolkits". (I don't know whether a translation
to English is available.) This Guy has done a remarkable job: He
presents Tkinter, wxWindow, Qt, GTK+ and, in short form, several other
GUI-toolkits by completely writing a non trivial application with each
of these toolkits, explaining almost every line of code.

And, you won't believe it: The application, a contact manager, uses a
table. For his Tkinter implementation he had to write an appropriate
table-class in pure Tkinter.

I'm just deep down in this book, not only because of the table, of

See you on re-surfacing! ;-)

Rainer Klueting, Stuttgart, Germany

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