Python Windows 2.3 Installer problems

querdenker querdenker at
Wed Aug 27 21:02:12 CEST 2003

Timothy Martens <timfm at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1059777183.30139.python-list at>...
> When I run the Python-2.3.exe on my WIN2K box and go through the initial 
> dialogues, the installer frezes at 1% when it's "Copying File 
> C:\Python23\UNWISE.exe"
> Any ideas ANYONE?
>  tim.

just another sysadmin/techie/proggie : i got the same prob on 2
different hardwares, only the Software is nearly identic. I'd turned
off almost all software-components like vir-scan and firewall. After
all i guess it won't help to change anything in the hardware, because
a file-mon like sysinterals one will show you, what's on with it:
FileNotFound / DirectoryNotFound. The Setup got stuc in the depth of
your SystemDir. As far as i can see (and think, of course), the
problem's reason must be nearby .net.
So, as Christopher has written, it really may be the best solution to
reinstall Windows.

Or you compile it :?

syl, querdenker

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