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> > Hi,
> >
> > Just wondering if there's a good GUI builder for Python. Something like
> > Visual Tcl, where you just drag and drop objects.
> >
> > Not too good with creating user interfaces from code along.
> >
> > Thanks
> Been wondering myself.  How is
> this looks nice and it's free.

Have you tried it? It is not a Python tool ;-) And there had been not much
move there for more than a year...

There is a well known set of GUI Builders for Pyhon around, most of them
mentioned in this thread.
The most important decision is what GUI-Toolkit to use. This will influence
much of your *programming* tasks that follows the *layout*. Printing?
HTML-Widget? Drag-and-Drop?

Of course there are well known GUI-Builders like Delphi or RealBasic (on
Mac) who support you seamlessly in all your tasks.

But in every case you need a *thorough* understanding of how the Toolkit
Works. Tk/Tcl is simple at the surface but there is a lot of rickery with
event bindings, and you sometimes need TIX at well, because HList is a
strong power horse...

If you want to have the choice do C++ (a lott of ttools there!) or buy
Delphi (some tthousend bucks butt Object Pascal is a nice language as well

There is no silver bullet at the Python market at the moment...

Michal P

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