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Sun Aug 31 17:51:56 CEST 2003

"Claus Alboege" <csa at> wrote in message
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> "Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at> writes:
> >> I haven't checked whether your address is currently on the
> > list.
> >
> > Then you are a pretty dumb program.

Not checking for the subscriber list is what I thought dumb.

> Ever heard of sublists?

I would expect sublists to be specially configured, by or with list
owner approval, as you seem to imply below, rather than added thru
public subscribe mechanism.

> And about people using different addresses for
> each list they subscribe to, such as user-xxx-list at dom.tld?

No.  I have never had unlimited address availability.  I have exactly
1 from udel and 7 for the family from ISP.  But it soulds like a great
idea.  Just yesterday I got virus spam sent to names harvested from a
particular list.  If I had a special address for that list, I would
resubscribe with a new name.  If I ever buy a domain-name service with
'unlimited' email accounts, I will try this.  Thanks.

> will reject messages containing a "Mailing-List" header. (Unless it
> been configured as a sublist)


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