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Sat Aug 30 01:52:34 CEST 2003

Istvan Albert <ialbert at> writes:

> Mark Carter wrote:
> > I found a link:
> >
> > (and there are others) who suggest that object-oriented databases
> > aren't a good idea. Tabular databases (and in fact a tabular
> > design
> Actually what the link above suggests is that OOP is evil in
> general. The brief discourse on OOP not being appropriate for data
> modeling is just a tiny part of it. To sum it up for those that do
> not want to read it:
> OOP = Communism

And his comparison of OO vs. Relational shows equally deep insights.
Here is his summary of that situation:

"The base philosophical differences I seem to have with the OO
paradigm seem to boil down to the appropriateness of trees, the
appropriateness of global taxonomies compared to local or ad-hoc
taxonomies, and the network-database-like structure of OO versus

He can't seem to see the forest for the trees, or so it seems.  ;-)

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