Filtering virus-related e-mails?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Wed Aug 27 20:28:09 CEST 2003

grante at (Grant Edwards) writes:

> Would it be possible for the python mailing list to filter out
> the "virus-warning" emails rather than posting them to the
> newsgroup?

Possibly, but I think the admins are busier trying to stop the network
cables and the server melting due to the load... maybe now they've
done that they can turn to secondary effects.  I gather virus warning
emails are quite hard to filter due to each virus program having a
different format.

Posting here is probably not the optimal way of making this request,

(Earlier on today, Greg Ward brought up exim on the new version of the
starship; within ten minutes, the number of SMTP connections had maxed
out.  Ten minutes after instituting the clever hack that saved, about 250 hosts were being rejected at the firewall


  That's why the smartest companies use Common Lisp, but lie about it
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