Python vs. C#

Bernhard Herzog bh at
Wed Aug 13 12:27:32 CEST 2003

Brian Quinlan <brian at> writes:

>> > I think that depends on how efficient you are at writing tests. 
>> > Python offers a great testing framework to help you.
>> No, writing tests consumes time.
> Of course. The question is whether writing tests results in less net
> development time (due to more rapid bug discovery and elimination). My
> experience is that it usually does.

And not only that.

If you don't have automated tests it means that you have to run at least
some tests manually every time you make a change. That costs time too
and requires attention. With an automated test suite, after you've
written the test it's only a key-stroke or button-click to lauch the
test suite and it only really requires attention when some tests fail.

Also, with a test suite it's easy to run all tests very often, with
manual tests run during developement you usually only test very few
things related to the changes you just made and may not notice some of
the bugs you just introduced.


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