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Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Aug 11 03:09:47 CEST 2003

Ben Finney wrote:

> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 23:56:01 +0200, Christian Tismer wrote:
>>But is there any way for such a slogan to pass spam at all?
> The much greater battle is: if it passes electronic/programmatic
> filters, how are you going to get it past the wetware filters -- i.e.,
> the fact that it just sounds like spam when you hear it?

It does not sound like spam when you read it.
Getting you to read it is the trick.

>>If I remove the ambiguity, the slogan gets lame.
> Anything with "get rich {quick,fast,overnight}" already has far too many
> negative connotations to sound un-lame.

Right. But is this my fault?

> Choose another slogan, forget the "get rich" nonsense.  While the
> sentiment is great, and I agree it's a wonderful feeling when you
> realise how much your options have increased with little effort, the
> "get rich overnight" just doesn't jibe with me.

Yeah, true. The bare fact that "getting rich overnight" has
become something that we regard as spam:
Isn't that telling us a *very very* bad story?
The spammers *have* won, we are playing *their* games.
Can you see it?

> The feeling isn't one of being (financially) rich; it's one of being
> free from restrictions.  Another thread recently mentioned the idea
> that, opposed to other languages, Python lets you go home on time.
> That's closer to the mark.

Fine. And you let spammers dictate to you what they want
you to think? I do think this is going way too far.
We have already allowed them to get too far.
Did I say anything bad? Nothing at all, this was said by
other people. And those are dictating to us, what to say
and what not to say.
SHould we really continue to support this?

I hereby simply propose to prohibit SPAM. Really, really
prohibiting it, with all legal consequences.

I do want to be able to say that I got rich overnight,
by using Python.

When *we* are unable to accept such a statement, because
*some* people are claiming this to be *their* spamming
vocabulary, whose fault is this, then?
I do believe this is *our* fault, because we allowed
this to happen, silently. Shame on US.

Shame on me as well, since I installed a SPAM filter,
instead of starting a real fight which they can't win.

cheers - chris

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