How to run Python script on WindowXP

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Fri Aug 1 14:12:37 CEST 2003

How to run Python script on WindowXPHI,

make a .bat or .cmd file with following lines:
assoc .py=Python.File
assoc .pyc=Python.CompiledFile
assoc .pyw=Python.NoConFile

ftype Python.File=C:\Python23\python.exe "%%1" %%*
ftype Python.CompiledFile=C:\Python23\python.exe "%%1" %%*
ftype Python.NoConFile=C:\Python23\pythonw.exe "%%1" %%*

rem this should be done in the system settings
set PATHEXT=%PATHEXT%;.py;.pyc;.pyw
rem END of FILE

greetings Leopold

"Yunxian Mak" <yunxian at> wrote in message news:mailman.1059704283.30356.python-list at
  Dear Sir/Madam,

  I'm doing my PhD in APAF and I installed Python 2.2 interpreter in WindowNT before and it worked OK on my old computer. However, our company has upgraded the systems to WindowXP recently. I installed Python2.2.3, which includes IDLE (Python GUI), Module Docs, Python (command line) and Python Manuals, on my new computer.  I can open my Python code from IDLE (Python GUI), but I don't know how to run it. If you could please tell me whether the Python interpreter compatible to WindowXP and how to run the Python script on WindowXP, I'll be much appreciated. Thank you very much again.

  Best regards,

  Yunxian Mak
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