ANNOUNCE: Rekall V2.0.2

Bob Gailer bgailer at
Sun Aug 10 14:59:17 CEST 2003

At 11:01 PM 8/9/2003 +0100, john at wrote:

>I would like to take this opportunity to announce the release of Rekall for
>Windows and Linux.
>Rekall is an attempt to produce an application to rival Microsoft Access,
>without the huge price tag. With Rekall you can produce full blown
>applications. Rekall's programmability and power comes through the use of
>Python. There is also a Run Time version of Rekall which allows you ship
>your Rekall application to your customers. Rekall includes a syntax
>highlighting editor and a debugger. You can import and export data and table
>structures to and from all the databases supported by Rekall. Included in
>the standard package are drivers for MySQL, xBase and PostreSQL. You can get
>drivers for DB2, ODBC and Oracles separately from us at a fraction of the
>cost of buying from the big vendors.
>Why not take a Rekall Demo out for a test drive. Our demos are fully
>functional with a 60 minute time limitation (the Windows demo has a 15 day
>time limit), but they will run again. You can find the demos on either of
>two web sites,

I just spent more than a reasonable amount of time staring at this page. I 
can't make sense of it! I don't see any helpful information that would 
entice me to get the product, and no links for demos.


This page makes a lot more sense. I suggest dropping the first link or 
improving the page.

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